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What we do:-


Hijack Systems specialise in the manufacture of cellar storage equipment.

We make it simple to use so that you pull the perfect pint every time.

Our range includes cask racking, auto tilt mechanisms and easy to use hoists.

Compact Cask Racking System

The Compact racking system caters for 9 - 11 Gallon Casks (Firkins). This small but sturdy free standing racking has Built-in self-tilting springs, which because of their sturdy build, do not need to be bolted to the floor. The Compact range is perfect in all cellars (subject to minimum height) and optimises cellar floor space to its maximum storage capacity.


The Compact system is supplied in one, two or three tier heights, with the only width restrictions being cellar floor space and height. It is supplied with self-tilting springs and adjustable feet as standard making it literally £££'s less to buy than conventional racking systems with separate auto-tilt mechanisms.





Key Features:

SIZE - As the manufacturer, we can supply ANY size you require which makes us different to other suppliers


ECONOMIC - Ullage as low as 1/2 pint per cask enabling your system to pay for itself within a few weeks


VERSATILE - Compact racks are sturdy, stand alone units (no need to bolt to floors or walls) so you can easily build your system according to budget and expand when required.


ADJUSTABLE - Incorporates a simple to use peg & chain which adjusts the final angle of auto-tilt to cater for heavy beers.


SELF-ASSEMBLY - All our racks are supplied and delivered flat packed for ease of transport and cost, they are easily assembled in minutes using a 13mm spanner.


SAFETY - Using our racks not only keeps your cellar tidy, but also makes it a safer place to work. Using our hoist takes the strain out of lifting or moving heavy casks.

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