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What we do:-


Hijack Systems specialise in the manufacture of cellar storage equipment.

We make it simple to use so that you pull the perfect pint every time.

Our range includes cask racking, auto tilt mechanisms and easy to use hoists.

Race Cask Ventilators


The Race Cask Ventilator is fast becoming a leader in the Cask Beer industry. What is it - the Race Cask Ventilator is a twin chamber non-return valve which allows the naturally produced Co2 to escape whilst retaining a small blanket of Co2 which restricts the ingress of air.


Once the Cask has been conditioned, replace the Soft Spile with the Race Cask Ventilator and then no need to take the Ventilator out until the Cask is empty. The Race Cask Ventilator can extend the shelf-life of Cask Ale by 3/5 days. In addition you may re-use the Race Cask Ventilator many times as it is easily taken apart for cleaning. BEWARE! - the Race Cask Ventilaor does contain small ball bearings and you must be careful not to lose them. All prices subject to vat at current rate.



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